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Terms & Conditions

Policies and terms

This page specifies the legal terms and conditions (terms and conditions) under which Muhammad Hammoud Al-Shaya Company or its subsidiaries in your place of residence sell the products (products) listed on this website (the website). These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, so you should read them before making any new purchase. We are keen to adhere to international standards related to distance selling and e-commerce at all times and if you have any questions, please contact us.

the demand

By ordering products through our website, you confirm your desire to enter into a contract with us in order to purchase those products at the prices indicated on the date and time on which you place the order. We reserve the right to change product prices from time to time, for example during periods when promotional offers are made on products or if products are incorrectly priced. If the correct price of the products at the time of your order is higher than the price mentioned to you, we will contact you to obtain your directions regarding the process before accepting your order. Prices do not include any value-added tax (i.e. value-added tax, goods and services tax, or any other similar taxes or fees) applied under the prevailing law.

Please be aware that completing the online purchase process or sending our confirmation email does not constitute our acceptance of your order. Rather, your request is considered acceptable to us when it is delivered only to you and subject to receiving the full amount. You can review the submitted applications and review their current status at any time by visiting our website and clicking on "Sign In" at the top of the page, and then "Track Your Application".

If we are not able to supply the products you ordered and we did not complete your order for any reason, for example ordering more than 15 pieces of the same product, we will inform you of that. This may be due to the product being sold out or because we have found an error in the product price. And if you have paid for these products, we will refund the full amount paid to you to the card you used for payment, as quickly as possible and reasonable.

Delivery / collection

We can only complete your order for delivery or collection in the countries where we are permitted to sell the products. .

If you choose to have the products delivered to you, please note that delivery fees and times vary according to the type of products requested, the services you have chosen, and the delivery address.

We will do our best to deliver the products to your address on the estimated delivery / delivery date specified in our email confirming your order. If we are unable to comply with the delivery / collection date, we will contact you as soon as we can to schedule another estimated date. We will inform you when the order is ready for delivery at the address.

Return and exchange

If you want to return your order in exchange for a refund or exchange for certain products, you have 3 working days from receiving the order

Previously installed furniture cannot be returned or replaced by our employees

Any material whatever was given with the purchased products for free must also be returned.

You must deal carefully with any products you wish to return, and in addition to not using them, they must be preserved in their original form. We are not responsible for any losses or damages that occur to the products while they are in your possession, and we can in this case reject your request for return or exchange.

This form will be filled out with the same account that you purchased from within two days of receiving the order, click here

You will be contacted as soon as possible, and an appointment will be set to send the product to our warehouse.